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Communication Path Microsoft VMM, SMI-S Agent, vFiler

Hallo all,

I have another question about SMI-S Agent. We are planning an environment where Microsoft Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) is used to control the vfilers via SMI-S agent. The vfilers are providing iSCSI LUNs to the Microsoft Hyper-V hosts.

The question now is if the vfiler must be defined as storage controllers on the agent or if the vfilers are controlled by vfiler0.

I will be a challenge if we need to provide an IP communication path from the SMI-S agent to all the vlans/ipspaces in witch the vfilers are located.

I have read TR-3874 and installation guide of smi-s agent but haven't found an answer to the question

Many thanks for you answers.



Re: Communication Path Microsoft VMM, SMI-S Agent, vFiler


Unfortunately,  SMI-S Agent 4.0 doesn't support VFilers.

- Sreeni