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Compliance Report from Protection Manager

IHAC that needs to be able to generate a weekly report for compliance reasons that shows the success and failure of their snapshot and snapvault jobs - how can I create that in Protection Manager?


Re: Compliance Report from Protection Manager

Hi Jake,

Did you ever get this resolved? I have a similar issue...



Re: Compliance Report from Protection Manager

Hi Jake and Glenn,

Bocada Prism provides reporting on SnapVault and SnapMirror data protection activities including success/failure of jobs for compliance reporting, along with other Health Check, Problem Management and SLA Management reports.  It's a completely agentless and highly customizable reporting and analysis solution. Feel free to contact me.



Re: Compliance Report from Protection Manager

Hi Guys,

     See if these reports in PM helps you.

[root@dfm-rhel~]# dfm report | grep -i transfer

  dp-transfer-backup-individual DP Transfer Backup, Individual

  dp-transfer-backup-daily  DP Transfer Backup, Daily

  dp-transfer-backup-weekly DP Transfer Backup, Weekly

  dp-transfer-backup-monthly DP Transfer Backup, Monthly

  dp-transfer-backup-quarterly DP Transfer Backup, Quarterly

  dp-transfer-backup-yearly DP Transfer Backup, Yearly

  dp-transfer-mirror-individual DP Transfer Mirror, Individual

  dp-transfer-mirror-daily  DP Transfer Mirror, Daily

  dp-transfer-mirror-weekly DP Transfer Mirror, Weekly

  dp-transfer-mirror-monthly DP Transfer Mirror, Monthly

  dp-transfer-mirror-quarterly DP Transfer Mirror, Quarterly

  dp-transfer-mirror-yearly DP Transfer Mirror, Yearly

  dp-transfer-dataset-daily DP Transfer Dataset, Daily

  dp-transfer-dataset-weekly DP Transfer Dataset, Weekly

  dp-transfer-dataset-monthly DP Transfer Dataset, Monthly

  dp-transfer-dataset-quarterly DP Transfer Dataset, Quarterly

  dp-transfer-dataset-yearly DP Transfer Dataset, Yearly

[root@dfm-rhel ~]#

These are the fields of the report

[root@dfm-rhel ~]# dfm report view dp-transfer-backup-daily help

DP Transfer Backup, Daily Report (dp-transfer-backup-daily)

DP Transfer Backup, Daily


         objId                Relationship ID

         srcName              Source Name

         dstName              Destination Name

         timestamp            Timestamp

         transKBs             Bytes Transferred

         transRate            Transfer Rate /sec

         transferCount        Transfers

         failureCount         Transfer Failures

         dataGrowthKBs        Data Growth

Default sort order is +objId.

[root@dfm-rhel ~]#

BTW in case of PM these are rolled up in the protection status and conformance status instead of success or failure.