Compression on DOT8


I am running into a situation whereby I upgrade the DOT to 8.0.2P6 and license the compression.

But, when I proceed to enable the compression on the volume I hit with this.

sis config -C true -l true  /vol/test

config: Invalid option - C

sis config [ [ [ -s schedule ] | [ -m minimum_blocks_shared ] ] <path> ...]

        - Sets up, modifies and retrieves schedule and minimum blocks shared

         value of SIS volumes.

Anyone has similar experiences or I am missing something.By right after putting the license I should be able to use the sis config command to enable compression on volume, right?

Re: Compression on DOT8

I don't think enabling compression via the sis command is available until ONTAP 8.1. The commands for volume compression are under the "vol" command. I would advise you take a look at the Storage Management Guide for 8.0.2.



Re: Compression on DOT8

yes.. a nice change in 8.1 for all in the same sis command.  For 8.0 you first need a PVR approved by NetApp, then vol options volname compression on, then vol compress start [-d -a -s]...options

Re: Compression on DOT8

Yeap, thanks for the advice, I managed to enable compression thru vol options now. Will see how it kick-d-Ass....

Re: Compression on DOT8

Cool.  Let us know your savings "df -s" reports dedup savings and "df -S" reports compressed savings.

Re: Compression on DOT8

I am getting total 43% saving with dedup (35%) and compression (18%) from a 2GB of data.

Will pump in more data to see how it commpress further.

Re: Compression on DOT8

Not bad at all J