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Hi there,

seems that starting with 7.3.4 compression is available.

We tried in our lab and it might be working, BUT:

1) You just set a vol option, means existing data wont get compressed

2) New data copied into that volume will be compressed

3) df output is buggy:

storage> df -g
Filesystem               total       used      avail capacity  Mounted on
/vol/vol0/               402GB        1GB      401GB       0%  /vol/vol0/
/vol/vol0/.snapshot      100GB        0GB      100GB       0%  /vol/vol0/.snapshot
/vol/vol_compression/      100GB       97GB        2GB      98%  /vol/vol_compression/
/vol/vol_compression/.snapshot        0GB        0GB        0GB     ---%  /vol/vol_compression/.snapshot

storage> df -S
Filesystem                used       compressed         a-sis     %saved
/vol/vol0/             1089724                0             0         0%
/vol/vol_compression/  102702580         60620532             0        37%

Any of you guys already messed around with it?

Kind regards


Re: Compression?

I do not see anything in release notices or manual pages. So it does not look like officially released feature?

Re: Compression?


While the technology to perform volume compression has been in ONTAP 7.3 for a while, you can't actually enable it until ONTAP 8.0.1. 

I know its confusing because you can see the compression option listed under 'vol options'.  However, the release notes should always be your definitive guide as to what new features exist in an ONTAP release.

Re: Compression?

Did check with NetApp PS guys, one can mess around with it on 7.3.4 but it will be PVR´eable with 8.0.1, enables post-processing there as well etc.

Thx guys!!