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Computer Management for Vserver(s)

Hi Everyone,

I've been running into an issue the past day or so with creation of a new Vserver (specifically for CIFS access).

Functionally, I can browse by IP, name, etc... and access shares, however when trying to manage via Computer Management (from Server 2008 R2) as with vFilers in the past, I get an RPC error thrown back at me.

When trying to then browse shares via Computer Management, I receive a "you do not have permissions..." error and unable to see users/groups from within the MMC.

Hoping this might be some small configuration oversight I'm missing (in trying to functionally treat a Vserver like a vFiler)

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



Re: Computer Management for Vserver(s)

MMC is not supported yet for Vservers unfortunately (unless I missed an updated) but should be on the road map.

Re: Computer Management for Vserver(s)

Thanks so much Scott.

As unfortunate as the actual answer is, that's actually what I was hoping for (at the moment, anyway)


Re: Computer Management for Vserver(s)

A PSE I worked with this week talked about using PowerShell instead… I need to start using it but only so much time…but a nice alternative for the same functionality he said.