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Config Dump is Not Supported

All, I am very new to NetApp, but I am responsible for an ONTAP 8.x Cluster of two nodes (FAS 2554).


Everything is working just fine, but I wanted to get a copy of the system configuration in case I need to reload from scratch. It looks like the "config dump" command is one method of getting this configuration (at lease most of it). I am logged into the cluster, and I try to run the config dump command, but the output is:


"config dump" is not supported.


I have searched this message board and scoured the internet. I can't seem to find anyone who is having this issue. I checked the licensing, and it doesn't appear that this is a license specific feature - at least as far as I can tell.


Does anyone have any ideas?


Thank you!


Re: Config Dump is Not Supported

Re: Config Dump is Not Supported

Thank you!


I think that this is what I am looking for.