Controller Upgrade and Vmware


After the upgrade of a controller, FAS3020c to FAS3140A, by swapping the heads only. All the luns were offline, and after onlining the lun with the same lun ID,  all the datastore have been seen like snapshot in Vmware because the uid off the LUN had change, an we had to reconfigure all the VM : delete from the inventory, browse again the datastore, add again to the inventory and for linux modify the ethernet file as the MAC address change and reassociate  the RDM devices.

The other platform, Xen and Windows didn't ssen to have been perturbated by the upgrade

Do you know how to avoid this problem, ?

Could the use of the options "cf.takeover.change_fsid" , like in the metrocluster be a solution  or is there any VM a solution in Vmware?

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Re: Controller Upgrade and Vmware

No, you can't use that option. What you could do after the head swap is to set the orginial serialnumber back on the luns.

priv set advanced

lun serial <lun_path> [ <serial> ]

Re: Controller Upgrade and Vmware


but there is no solutions more user friendly ?

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Re: Controller Upgrade and Vmware

I don't think the described methot is particularly un-friendly - it's just a couple of commands.

Other than that I think setting "allow resignature" on VMware side may help:


Re: Controller Upgrade and Vmware

Yes, user friendly solution is to create a script that you will run before swap to save current serial and after swap to set old serial, it is pretty simple script, no more than a few lines of bash, PERL guru would make it probably a oneliner

Re: Controller Upgrade and Vmware

Thanks everybody

I found a vbs script developped by Karel Verhelst, so that's nice

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