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Converting Qtree SnapMirror to Volume Snapmirror

Hi there

We are using SnapVault for backing up our datasets. Now we would like to convert the Secondary system to a DR solution.

I know the KB article and already tested it, so I know the way to convert a SnapVault relation into a SnapMirror.

But actually this procedure results in a Qtree SnapMirror, and we would like to have the same snapshots on both sides...

So: is there a way to convert the QSM into a VSM?

The goal is to avoid a rebaselining because of the WAN link in between the systems.



Re: Converting Qtree SnapMirror to Volume Snapmirror

I don't know of a way to do that.  While the names are similar, VSM and QSM are very different replication technologies.

You may want to look at the alternatives to avoid the WAN such as shipping shelves back and forth or using SnapMirror to Tape.