Couldn't read file: /etc/log/snapmirror

We are using a FAS2020 as a target for a snapmirror relationship.

Everything seems to work well: our volumes get replicated overnight and the output of a "snapmirror status -l" command shows everything is OK.

We get the error reported in the subject when accessing the snapmirror --> log --> report on the web console. Looking for snapmirror files in /etc/log we can only find an old snapmirror.log.5 file.

Where are the other snapmirror.log files? How can we eventually reconstruct them?

Any help is appreciated.

Kind regards

Re: Couldn't read file: /etc/log/snapmirror

This looks like a Support question for a SNAP product.  You can try asking it in the NetApp Support Community SNAPX Products and Software area.