Create a flexclone in a shell script?

I have an Oracle DB on NFS in linux mounted on the prod machine which I don't have SMO setup on. 

We use a flexclone of the DB volume shared to a test machine and I want to script re-cloning the volume and refreshing the data.

I have found a few ways to do it.

1) ssh in and run the vol clone commands

2) the NetApp Manageability SDK and use perl

3) snapdrive?  I see there is a clone option but that looks like it is for LUNs not NFS and on the same host?

Is there anything else? Any one of them better than the other?

If snapdrive works to create a clone of a volume mounted via nfs how do you create a clone when the command is a "connect"?



Create a flexclone in a shell script?

SnapDrive is only for provisioning and managing LUNs and snapshots of LUNs, it wouldn't be suitable for an NFS volume. The best way is with SSH, it's even easier if you set up authorized_keys so you can run the commands over SSH without password authentication:

Create a flexclone in a shell script?


That is what I figured I would end up doing.

I do have a script that uses snapdrive in linux to delete and create a snapshot of a NFS mount that works well but that is just simple delete and create.