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Create, export a volume in a vfiler

Hello, I am using system manager 2.1.  I know how to create a volume and export it.  However I want to this inside one of our vfilers.

I created the volume.  I moved it into the vfiler,  I can see the exports with exportfs, the new volume is not exported yet.  How do I export the new volume in the vfiler?

do I need to export it before putting it in the vfiler? 

basic setup.

vFilerB  - currently has 3 volumes

New volume - testvolume

Re: Create, export a volume in a vfiler

Hi tbohuslovlm,

Once you have created the volume and assigned it to the vfiler, you should be able to create an export for this volume, from the vfiler.

logon to the Filer by the CLI and switch context to the vfiler and add an export..


Re: Create, export a volume in a vfiler

System manager doesn't handle configuration inside vFilers... yet... coming to a future version.

You need to edit the exports file for the vfiler for the export... "vfiler status -a" to see the volume that has etc for the vfiler... then edit the /etc/exports file in that volume then "vfiler run vfilername exportfs -a" or "vfiler context vfilername" then exportfs -a then "vfiler context vfiler0" to get back to vfiler0 like already mentioned... and as of 8.1 you can interactive ssh to a vfiler now so if you secureadmin setup ssh and secureadmin enable ssh and have an account on the vfiler you can login that way if you don't want to give vfiler0 access for creating exports.

Re: Create, export a volume in a vfiler

Cool Scott,

ETA on Sys Mgr handle config inside vFilers?

Thanks for your great support over the years.

Happy Holiday


Re: Create, export a volume in a vfiler

I was hoping yesterday J Don’t know for sure but will keep an eye out on the betas…there was a beta that did have support.

Re: Create, export a volume in a vfiler

Thanks for the help.

I got it working.

Looking forward to System Manager doing more in vFilers.