DFM 4.01 ~snapshot/folder

     Dear All,

I would like anterstand the folder ~snapshot naming convention.

I have a primary Volume and Protection Manger manage the primary backup policy

The SnapShot Name is conformant with my configuration however if I browse the ~snapshot folder it is not end user friendly

folders names are:





On the Secondary Vault I have the same issue SnapShot Name ok (in DFM and snap list), but folder under ~snapshot are not intuitives

Re: DFM 4.01 ~snapshot/folder

Modify this option on DFM

dfm option set  pmUseSDUCompatibleSnapshotNames=Yes

old SnapShot Name*: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS Retenetion Type

new SnapShot Name: YYYY-MM-DD HH_MM_SS Retenetion Type

* With dfm options:

pmCustomNameUseHostName No

pmCustomNameUsePrefix No

pmCustomNameUseQtreeList No

pmCustomNameUseRetentionType Yes

pmCustomNameUseType No

pmCustomNameUseVolumeName No


Re: DFM 4.01 ~snapshot/folder

Thanks for this!