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DFM/OpsMgr & Back to Back CPs

Is there any way to use NetApp DFM/Operations Manager to monitor for back-to-back consistency points on NetApp filers?  (i.e., as seen from sysstat)


Re: DFM/OpsMgr & Back to Back CPs

I'm also interested in this.

What I've found so far is how to integrate the CPs to Cacti:

Is there no counter in DFM/NMC for the same result?

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Re: DFM/OpsMgr & Back to Back CPs

Yes, you can display CP information in Performance Advisor.

1. Enable showing of diagnostic counters in DFM: dfm option set perfAdvisorShowDiagCounters=yes

2. Restart the DFM

3. In Performance Advisor, go to Setup->Hosts. Select the host you want to view CP data for and edit its data collection.

4. Under enabled counters go to wafl where you will see the cp_count. This is counter we are interested in. You can modify the sample rate and retention period if needed.

5. In order to view the collected data you have to create a custom view. Go to Setup -->Custom Views.

6. Add the chart with the wafl:cp_count counters.

You can now view the new chart.

For those interested you can also collect/view this data using the filer CLI (diag mode) and the stats command:

> stats explain counters wafl:wafl:cp_count

Counters for object name: wafl

Name: cp_count

Description: Array of counts of different types of CPs

Properties: delta

Unit: none

Size: 13 column array

Column names: wafl_timer generated CP, snapshot generated CP, wafl_avail_bufs generated CP, dirty_blk_cnt generated CP, full NV-log generated CP, back-to-back CP, flush generated CP, sync generated CP, wafl_avail_vbufs generated CP, deferred back-to-back CP, container-indirect-pin CP, low mbufs generated CP, low datavecs generated CP

Re: DFM/OpsMgr & Back to Back CPs

Thank you very much! it works like a charm.