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We have been running our DFM server now for a couple of years, we are currently running 32bit.

While trying to resolve an issue with an OSSV backup I have ran a dfmpurge report command and got the following results: -

Object Type       Older than 3 days   Older than 7 days

-----------      ------------------  ------------------

Volume                 27368 (100%)        27244 ( 99%)

Qtree                  26900 (100%)        26774 ( 99%)

Lun Path                8539 (100%)         8497 ( 99%)

Initiator Group            0 (  0%)            0 (  0%)

Mirror                   101 (100%)          101 (100%)

Disk                      80 (100%)           80 (100%)

Directory                 62 (100%)           62 (100%)

Aggregate                 14 (100%)           14 (100%)

Interface                 10 (100%)           10 (100%)

Host                      10 (100%)           10 (100%)

Network                    4 (100%)            4 (100%)

Deleted objects eligible to be purged: 63088

Estimated time to purge eligible objects: between 30 minutes and 1 hours

NOTE: After purging, you will also need to reload the database, which could

take several hours.

This seems a lot of items to delete for only a couple of years, is this going to wipe my whole db?

Many thanks

Re: DFM Purge Utility

Hi Ian

The DFM purgehistory timeframe command allows you to control the TIME in wich you want to delete from the db.

Tell me if that is exactly what you wanna do.


Re: DFM Purge Utility

Hi, not quite.  I'm happy with the purgehistory commands, its the dfmpurge command to clean up items marked for deletion in the DB that I'm looking at running.  The command dfmpurge report gives the output above, this should be all items flaged as deleted in the db, however its seems quite a lot to me and I don't want to run it and end up wiping my whole DB.  I know I can take a backup and restore if that happens but I would like to avoid the stress if I can.

Re: DFM Purge Utility

My bad, you are talking about dfmpurge tool! It will be totally delete All the info on the DB, it was made for it!



Re: DFM Purge Utility

You shouldnt be using the dfmpurge, because it always delete ALL the content.