DFM Snapvault - relation with a "-"


After creating a dataset with SnapVault, he creates relationships with a "-" and therefore qtree with a "-", for example:

filer1:vol_source filer2:vol_source/-

filer1:vol_source/qtsource filer2:vol_source/qtsource

Have you any idea why dfm created the relationship with a "-" ?

Thank you

Re: DFM Snapvault - relation with a "-"

This is how SV knows to get data that does not reside in a qtree.  Snapvault is a qtree operation that sometimes needs to occur at the volume level...interesting way of putting that isn't it?  Therefore when you do not have a qtree you need a placeholder "-" to tell snapvault : "If there is data at this level, I need it backed up along with the other stuff."