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Does Netapp filler support MS DFSR?

I know it supports DFS as name space, but i need to replciate a fodler directly from the Net app filler to a windows server.

The net app volume is not presented to any windows server and like not to be part of any windows server.



Re: DFSR Support


unfortunately not…

you’re right about the filer supporting the DFS namespace and can be a node in a DFS environment.

However DFS-R cannot replicate the data from a filer to any other device.

The only way to have the filer replicate in that environment is to use SnapMirror between two filers, however I’m unaware of anything that would allow you to do the same between a filer and a Windows file share… the only way normally to get the data between the two is to use OSSV, which would allow you to snapvault data from a windows server to a filer…not sure that this would work in a DFS-R environment though.

It’s a pity as it would be a great feature if you could do it.



DFSR Support

Hi, I completely follow you in your conclusion. It's a real shame DFSR is not supported. Snapmirror won't give you 2-way read/write access to your files, so it's no real alternative in most situations.

I looked everywhere for a reasonable alternative using the filer in a DFS environment with 2-way replication, but was unable to find any. :-(

Regards, Bjorn