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Dag 2010 MetroCluster Space saving issue

Dear all,

If the 2 DAG are configured on NetApp MetroCluster I have 4 copies of each Store.

I would like to know if it's possible to install:

1 Dag on NetApp Metrocluster 2 copies install SWD & SME

1 Dag on other Vendor Storage and just install SnapDrive on this DAG.




Re: Dag 2010 MetroCluster Space saving issue

Well, Exchange doesn't care what the storage is on so long as it's a LUN (or local disk obviously) and so long as the paths are the same. There is no problem putting the two copies on different storage but I would be remis in not pointing out that running Exchange 2010 on Metrocluster is unusual. Does it have to be like that for some business reason or is it that you just have a M/C and have no other choice in placement?

Re: Dag 2010 MetroCluster Space saving issue

Hi ,

It's an issue regarding space on my FAS M/C, and I would know if I can use an other Storage System until I have enought space or add new unreplicated Aggr.

And have an workoround with Install and Configure SnapDrive.