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We are moving all of our data from FAS3170,FAS6070,FAS3170,FAS6080 and FAS6030(DATA ONTAP 7.3) into a HA FAS6280(DATA ONTAP 8.0.1).

We have cifs shares ,nfs exports and LUNs.

So, what do you suggest as a data migration mechanisms specifically for CIFS and NFS ?

Will 'volume move' command be enough?

Thanks in advance.



Re: Data Migration

I forget to mention that we are moving form 32 to 64-bit aggregate

Re: Data Migration

Since you are moving to new hardware and going from 32 to 64-bit aggrs, vol move will not work. Depending on the size of data that needs to be moved you may want to consider Volume SnapMirror (VSM) to the 6280 into a 32-bit arrg than do an NDMP copy into a 64-bit aggr. If you have qtrees you can use qtree snapmirror (QSM) which will work from 32 to 64-bit. Another option is to just do an NDMP copy from your old filers to your new 6280 since NDMP copy does not care about 32 or 64-bit aggrs.

Re: Data Migration

ndmpcopy will be the best for you

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Re: Data Migration

With ndmpcopy you won´t be able to copy the snapshots, right? Your console will not be available for that moment and the copy will be slower than VSM or vol copy, depending on the whole datasize it will last a long time^^.

With vol copy you could start 4 jobs at the same time, console will be available (vol copy in background) and you will be able to copy the snapshots.

In my opinion i would use Snap Mirror, if not vol copy.

Re: Data Migration

No snaps just the active file system. Qsm is a good option too. If you wait for 8.1ga or go rc now and be careful with the Burts, you can mirror 32 to 64 with 8.1.

I would prefer qsm for more than 2 incrementals over ndmp copy. But if non qtree data and the same structure Is required, then ndmp copy may be the best option. We have used both at customers depending on the requirements.

Re: Data Migration

Maybe a late reply to this thread but you could have done this - Upgrade the source 7.3 filer to 8.0.1 (or which ever version the destination or new filer is running) ,convert the 32-bit aggregates to 64-bit and then run a VSM for data copy.

32-bit to 64-bit will support only QSM.Also ndmp copy is the slowest and worst of all for such a huge amount of data transfer