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Data ONTAP 7.2-7.3 family series update


Just looking in updating an older FAS2020 NetApp and was wondering about the firmware / Data OnTap upgrade process.  The Upgrade guide says that the image's included in the Data OnTap 7.3 download includes the firmware for the disk, shelves, and system.  It also says during the Data OnTap upgrade process that it automatically upgrades the firmware to disks, shelves, and system if the firmware on these items is older then what is packaged in the Data OnTap 7.3 process. 

So could I just proceed with the normal process of upgrading the Data OnTap 7.3 knowing it will update any outdated firmware for me?  or is it still a better idea to do each item individually first?  Also is there any reason to go to a newer firmware version then what is packaged within the 7.3 package?

I appologise if this is the wrong area to post and if so could a mod kindly move it.


Data ONTAP 7.2-7.3 family series update

Hello Jason,

This should be a very straightforward update. So, just follow the normal process and the firmware update should be taking care of automatically.



Re: Data ONTAP 7.2-7.3 family series update

Thank you for the reply and for clearing that up.  Off the top of your head do you remeber if anything special has to be done for deduped volumes ? prior to the 7.3 upgrade.  I know you need enough free space for the upgrade?

Re: Data ONTAP 7.2-7.3 family series update

Sorry, I haven't have to deal with deduped volumes. Hope somebody else could answer your question.   -Wei