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I'm evaluating the virtual appliance and it's great!


Now I'd like to write java code with API you provided to manage it. Can someone tell me where to get the required SDKs and any examples for me to begin?


And I see there are many versions of the SDKs, which version is compatible for Data ONTAP Edge?


Any response is appreciated!

Re: Data ONTAP Edge API

Which part do you want to manage? The Data ONTAP instance once it is deployed responds to the standard Manage ONTAP SDK/API.

I know it can be confusing which one to grab, but if you go to the main software download page:

Select next to "NetApp Manageability SDK" "All Platforms".

Fill out the form, click through the agreements (note there's some good documentation links on one of those verbose pages that looks like a legal disclaimer page).

Eventually you get to the one that says "

NetApp® Manageability SDK 5.1 - Download

That page misleadingly (to me) looks like it's providing instructions to do what you already did, but if you click that link, it's the direct link to the SDK zip file.

The SDK has examples for java in there and a bunch of resources to help are at the bottom of this page:

Re: Data ONTAP Edge API

Thanks, coon. I want to write code to create volume, snapshots, etc.

Yes, I have downloaded the SDK you mentioned. And I can use it to access the virtual storage appliance I installed.

I also downloaded the java bindings, after I unzipped it I found no API documentation. Looks like it's a more convenient way to use the java bindings, do you know where I can get documentation for it?

Thanks a lot!

Re: Data ONTAP Edge API

There's a few options for learning that.

  1. Zexplore in the SDK has an interface that lets you pick from the API calls and select language and it'll write code examples for you. (drag and drop api calls to the execute window, click the develop tab to see code examples.) Zedi can also execute the code to let you see the output if provided IP/hostname and credentials. (Lightening bolt at the top)
  2. The previously mentioned links at the bottom of this page (including a mailing list and a community just like this, but for the SDK)

Re: Data ONTAP Edge API

Re: Data ONTAP Edge API

For java bindings API documentation, you can refer to the javadocs under <nmsdk java bindings root directory>/doc/Data_ONTAP/ directory.

Re: Data ONTAP Edge API

Yes! That's indeed what I want. Thanks a lot!