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Data OnTap - Unable to Initialize Disks

Hi everyone,

I am trying to rebuild two old Data OnTap devices. I replaced all the disks and the devices currently won't boot, which is fine.

I thought I would Ctrl+C during boot-up and then select option 4 to Initialise the disks, but when the menu comes up, I go to press option 4 and hit enter and it won't accept any input. The only option I have is to power off the device and try again. When I press the power button, the console connection shows that I have powered down, so it hasn't hung it just not accepting my inputs at that point. The console connection is definitely working as I am able to press Ctrl+C and I also reinstalled the firmware for the device through the console.

Any ideas? I was wondering if it was my terminal settings maybe? I am using:

Bits Per Second - 9600

Data Bit - 8Bits

Parity - None

Stop Bits - 1

Flow Control - Hardware

Emulation - VT100




Re: Data OnTap - Unable to Initialize Disks


This might be late, but please ensure you have removed disk ownship from the old filer. This might be causing your issue.