Data Ontap Upgrade


I have upgraded the Data Ontap from 8.1.RC1 to 8.1.1 on anHA system.

During the upgrade I found it is upgrading the firmware for Disk Shelves, ACP and the disks. After the upgrade I did not reboot the system only completed the cf failover and failback on both the system.

Please let me know if I am missing some steps and my system is pure FC.



Re: Data Ontap Upgrade

Hi Johny

Everything fine with your system. As you have done the cf takeover and giveback you did the reboot needed for the Upgrade from 8.1RC1 to 8.1.1. The different firmware that where included in this release and are updated after the upgrade are non disruptive and do not need another separate reboot of the system.

Cheers Michael

Re: Data Ontap Upgrade

Does the Data Ontap upgrade included  firmware for all the Hardware like Disks,Disk Shelves and ACP

Re: Data Ontap Upgrade

Yes it does. It contains the latest release of this firmware available at the relase date of this data ontap version.

Re: Data Ontap Upgrade

On 2040 it does the firmware upgrade for almost all the hardware but except Motherboard.

On 2240 we have to do separate update for Disks ,SP and Shelves

Re: Data Ontap Upgrade

They are bundled in for both models (except SP) but this doesn't mean, that you have the most actual Firmware. Firmware that was released after the Ontap Version are not in there. But all Motherboard, Disk, Shelf and ACP Firmware are bundled in the Ontap Package up on availability at the Ontap Release date.