Dataset Conformance

When conforming a dataset, does PM need to be able to PING (ICMP) the storage controller or non-NetApp host?  IHAC with an existing dataset (OSSV) that backs up as expected.  We added an Win2K3 server to the dataset and conformance fails with error "could not find filer".  The Win2K3 host is locked down, but ports 10000, 10566, and 4096 have been opened.



Re: Dataset Conformance

No, the DFM server does not need to ping the controllers or OSSV hosts.

What that error seems to indicate was the OSSV host could not resolve the name or IP address of the storage controller. Make sure each system can ping each other, both by name and by IP address.

Re: Dataset Conformance

Not possible.  The client does not allow PING to/from the x86 hosts.  Any way around this issue?

Re: Dataset Conformance

What we want to ensure is the name to IP address lookup works.  You can still use ping to see whether the storage controller and Windows system can resolve the address.  It doesn't really matter whether the ping requests go through or not.

Once you've convinced yourself that works, try establishing a SV relationship using DFM's Backup Manager or the ONTAP CLI.

Also double check the Windows system has the storage system in its snapvault.access list, and vice versa.

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I've added the relationships via the CLI and that worked - then imported to a dataset with no errors.  When the scheduled update happens, I get the error again, 'could not find source filer'.

Re: Dataset Conformance

One other thing to investigate is the content of the snapmirror log file on the secondary filer.

Look to see how the secondary filer is trying to talk with the OSSV host.

...and yes, snapvault messages get logged to the filer's <root_vol>/etc/log/snapmirror file.


Re: Dataset Conformance

When ProtMgr runs an update, we sometimes modify the relationship to use either fully-qualified domain names or IP addresses.  As Marlon said, look in the snapmirror.log file on either system (I'd start from the destination) to see what ONTAP was trying to do during the actual transfer.

Re: Dataset Conformance

You hit this error in one of the following condition.

The destination filer is not able to reach the source by its hostname.

Debug:Try to ping the source filer/ossv from the destination filer using is hostname.

Solution:Add proper dns or make entries in the /etc/hosts in the destination filer.

The snapvault.access is legacy or something in the source and/or destination filer.

Add the IP address of the filer to each other in the snapvault.access on the filers.

On the ossv configurator is the qsm access check enabled ? if so is your filer added to the list.

Either disable that or add an entry about this filer to the access check list.