Dedup SQL?

Are there any concerns when it comes to deduping sql data? 

Re: Dedup SQL?

Yes - normally it doesn't give you any savings (or very little).

You may be better off with compression, but be careful as this is in-line, so CPU overhead is every time you write any data, not just during scheduled periods as for dedupe.



Re: Dedup SQL?

Thanks.  Sorry if this sound like a noob question but compression is something i have to turn on seperate?

I basically use the system manager to configure my volume settings and i dont recall seeing a setting for compression. 

Re: Dedup SQL?

Yes, you set it separately & it's available on newer versions of ONTAP only.

I am not sure whether you can enable compression via GUI, or you have to use CLI.

You can find plenty of details in this TR: