Dedup: some figures in €

Hi Larry, hi all,

Here just a small update on my previous posting. Now, we have migrate our VMWare environment from iSCSI to NFS and at the same time we have turned on dedup!

I just take normal/average street prices of the storage. But after dedup, we had a reduction of 21 TB raw capacity (most of them are expensive FC-drives (15k rpm) in our VMWare environment only. We have estimate this on a year over year profit of 68.000 € or more than 80.000 $ (everything included).

But what have we done with the money?

Well, instead of using VCB for backup, we now just take snapshots on the netapp layer: 48 x 1h, 7 x 1w and 4 x 1 mth and do a snapmirror of every nfs volume to our DR site. This has reduced the benefit a little bit but we have now a real backup and a real DR solution for our VM environment.

Greetings from Belgium,


Re: Dedup: some figures in €

Hi Reinoud,

Thanks for sharing the update and congrats on completing the migration to NFS and DR implimentation! I recall you were one of the beta testers of ESX 3.0 with iSCSI ... any feedback on why you shifted to NFS? And what types of environments have you virtualized?


Re: Dedup: some figures in €

Hi Friea,

There are several raisons to migrate from iSCSI to nfs:

  • higher performance
  • thin provisioning
  • very nice and stable protocol
  • when you can choose between managing files or managing luns, what do you think that I'll choose?