Dedupe limits in FAS2050

What are the Dedupe limits in FAS2050??

I have a NetApp doc here that says "maximum deduplicationn volume sizes = FAS2050 = 1TB"

and " Maximum total data limit in a deduplicated volume = FAS2050 = 17TB"

so that does it mean? i'm kind of lost here, how can i have 17TB of data in a volume if the max vol size is 1TB for dedupe to work??

Somebody please explain it to me.


Re: Dedupe limits in FAS2050


The limits for dedupe where raised in DoT 7.3

Here are the vaules

You doc is based on the 7.2 ASIS sizing.

The FAS2050 has enough memory and CPU to dedude a volume to a max size of 2Tb.  The max aggregate size is 16Tb and no volume can be bigger than it's containing aggregate.

I would ignore the 18Tb size as performance would be so poor, it is not even worth considring.  Marketing FUD....

Hope this helps


Re: Dedupe limits in FAS2050

I have a ONTAP and i will not be going to 7.3 until it is in GD release.

So for now if i have a volume larger than 1TB the dedupe will not work on it?

So i have to have  volumes 1tb or smaller to take advantage of dedupe?

Re: Dedupe limits in FAS2050

On 7.2.x the dedupe limit is 1Tb and it is not possible to shrink a

volume back under this size in 7.2 because the inode table does not

shrink back with the volume.

It is possible to shrink in 7.3 however.

It is also worth thinking about upgrading to for sis as most of

the bug fixes are SIS related. However is not a bad SIS DoT

version but read the version comparison tool first.


Re: Dedupe limits in FAS2050

I don't have any volumes larger than 1 tb for now, so i will have to remember not to extend them over 1tb until i upgrade to 7.3.

I hope 7.3 becimes GD soon so i can upgrade.

Re: Dedupe limits in FAS2050

Hi Gregory, yeah thats a little confusing, let me explain.  The 17TB refers to the maximum "logical" size the 2050 volume can grow to.  Simple example - I have a 1TB database that I copy 17 times into a volume, dedupe'ing after each copy is made.  Evenutally I will have 17TB of database data squeezed into a 1TB physcal volume - thats as big as "sis" will let you grow the volume for a FAS2050.  Make sense?

Also, as mentioned in the other replies, in 7.3 the volume values increased, see TR-3505 in the Docs section of this community for more on the new vol sizes.