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Dedupe message from OM 3.8


Im getting this from our new OM server:

Overdeduplication level of the volume Condition Over deduplication percentage ( 208.26% ) of the volume exceeds the

over deduplicated threshold ( 130.00% ). Increase the threshold or resize the volume.

looking at it I get even more confused:

SIS savings

FAS608001B> df -sg VMWARE_DEV_VOL008

Filesystem                                         used           saved           %saved

/vol/VMWARE_DEV_VOL008/           169GB      392GB           70%

Vol size

FAS608001B> df -g VMWARE_DEV_VOL008

Filesystem                                                                  total           used                avail capacity

/vol/VMWARE_DEV_VOL008/                               270GB           169GB      100GB 63%

/vol/VMWARE_DEV_VOL008/.snapshot                  0GB             61GB           0GB ---%

So we have saved 392GB and my total vol size is 270GB?? how does that work?



Re: Dedupe message from OM 3.8

See my post over in the Forums (looks like you got more answers over there).

By the way, do you see more activity in the Forums or the Communities?