Dedupliaton + Snapmirror between FAS2020&FAS2220

We have a FAS2020 with dedup enabled and of course limited to volumes up to 1TB, which is the max for dedup on the specific filer.

A 2220 is on the way and the plan is to transfer all content to the new filer and use the old one as a snapmirror destination filer.

So the question is the following, if we do volume snapmirror between the two filers (2220 as the source, 2020 as the destination), in order to keep deduplication working, should the 2220 volumes never exceed 1TB ?  My understanding is that they shouldn't since the 1TB dedup limit of the destination might cause issues. But even if we expand the source volumes. how this will affect the snapmirror process?


Re: Dedupliaton + Snapmirror between FAS2020&FAS2220

Be careful that snap mirror won't be supported if the target is at a lower release than the source (i.e. 8.1 to 8.0) 64 bit to 32 bit might not be supported as well, please consult the nap mirror FAQ document.

Re: Dedupliaton + Snapmirror between FAS2020&FAS2220

62 to 32 is supported with 8.1, but FAS2020 does not support 8.1.