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Deduplication Status Via SNMP

   Hi all! It's posible to get deduplication status [ enable |  disable ] via snmp? I want to add some Nagios Alert in case deduplication is not enable in each Volumen. Also it would be helpfull if i can get some stats about deduplication.

NetApp Release 8.0.2P6 7-Mode

Model Name:         FAS3240


Re: Deduplication Status Via SNMP

It certainly is.   Here is the output from the MIB file on the Support site.

Sis snmp gets are prefaced by sis.<sisdescription>.  So the call would be sis.sisstate (I think)

sisState                        OBJECT-TYPE

SYNTAX                          INTEGER {




        MAX-ACCESS                      read-only

        STATUS                          current


"Indicates whether SIS is enabled on the

volume or not."

::= { sisEntry 3 }

Mapping that to an OID by using the traps.dat file you get . for the sis state. 

I dont have any SNMP monitoring tools or even a linux box to test on so let me know how this works for you.   I can provide more clarification if needed

All of the information above was located here: - MIB file and Trap File (MIB file lists all SNMP Optios the filer has, trap file lists the OID number corresponding to the SNMP option in the MIB file. )

Re: Deduplication Status Via SNMP

Thanks Kyle! Really usefull!