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Deduplication & Enterprise Vault

Is it possible to implement Enterprise Vault with NetApp deduplication? If so, can deduplication be performed on the primary data location as well as the archived data location?

Are there concerns with using NetApp deduplication with Enterprise Vault?


Re: Deduplication & Enterprise Vault


Unless you hear something on the contrary, I see absolutely no reason why you cannot implement Enterprise Vault with NetApp deduplication (whether on primary or archival data).

From what I recall (drudging up from memory here) is that file based data which is deduplicated tends to have decent space savings, whereas in the current implementation of Exchange based vaulted data, those savings do not appear to be as fruitful, due to the routine and offset/alignments in which the data is generated and created on disk. Also taking into account the data is already SIS'd by Symantecs archival process. (Someone feel free to approve or deny this statement )

I've heard that will be improving at some point in the future, but that's all I can say on the matter.

I look forward to other traction on this very topic, and thank you for your great question and interest in deduplication Devon!


Re: Deduplication & Enterprise Vault

Also, as an extra point, I'd encourage you to check out this deduplication FAQ posted a few days ago!

It covers a lot of Q/A as well as a table of general purpose "What can I expect to get as far as deduplication" goes for data.

Re: Deduplication & Enterprise Vault

Jumping in a little late here, but for those who are interested, I have spent a little time with these same deployments and generally have found the following points beneficial:

- Keep all vault store partitions in the same NetApp FlexVol (SATA aggr), since Symantec SIS is per-partition (until v8)

- Dedupe the vault store FlexVol (get savings with SnapMirror/Vault as well)

- Keep all index locations on fast disk

- Do not dedupe index locations

- If you dedupe the EV server (ie. for virtual machines) you may want to relocate the windows tmp folder to the disk used for indexing. This will help with performance against a lot of block changes that EV makes

Re: Deduplication & Enterprise Vault

I just stumbled across this post. Here is a link to a paper published earlier this year on storage efficiency savings with Enterprise Vault 8. A comparison is made with EV7.5 aka 2007.