Deduplication on NearStore VTL


I know that the dedupe feature for VTL is in beta test phase, but I can't find any documentation on this feature...

Has someone a technical doc on how the dedupe is implemented in the NetApp VTL ?


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I have some contact details for a chap at NetApp who should know the answer to this. Will ask him when I get into the office tomorrow and pass on his details if he knows.

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Hi Jamal;

A techinical guide for users is being written as we speak. It will be available when VTL dedupe becomes generally available. In the meantime, NetApp customers can schedule a technical briefing under non-disclosure. Sorry for all the secrecy but dedupe is a very competitive these days, and we don't want to leak anything just yet :-)

Hope that helps,

Dr Dedupe

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Hi Larry,

I understand. Thanks for your response



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deduplication is when you take data and learn how is compose . Netapp case on VTL works learning blocks of data ( 4 ) and only take the backup of the data has change.

please , maby this is not correct so take this solution like "beta"

Deduplications on VTL works 100% when pass 30 days and the VTL learn all the data .

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VTL dedup use data block from 4k to 128k to make reference on a common storage space ( 10% percent on you VTL ) . when the tape is full , dedup will check this block and make reference of data , if the any reference exist on the common storage the data of this tape will delete to make free space, if not , dedup will create a reference of this data on the common storage.

my english is very bad? ,.. call 911 :P .

you maby need to read about data reference .

when dedup is working , the performance of VTL will go down but dedup has this cost!