Delete Redundant Cluster LIF

How can I delete a redundant cluster LIF?  I'd like to change the role of e0d on nas1b from cluster to data on a non-production FAS2240 running cDOT 8.2.1.  Before I can do that though I need to delete the associated LIF, but I'm not able to delete a LIF that's associated with a sitelist.

nas1::network port> network interface show

            Logical    Status     Network            Current       Current Is

Vserver     Interface  Admin/Oper Address/Mask       Node          Port    Home

----------- ---------- ---------- ------------------ ------------- ------- ----


            cluster_mgmt up/up    nas1b     e0M     false



                         up/up    nas1b     a0a     true



                         up/up    nas1a     a0a     true


            clus1        up/up  nas1a     e1a     true

            mgmt1        up/up    nas1a     e0M     true


            clus1        up/up nas1b     e1a     true

            clus2        up/up   nas1b     e0d     true

            mgmt1        up/up    nas1b     e0M     true

nas1::network port> network interface delete -vserver nas1b -lif clus2

Error: command failed: Removing cluster lifs that are part of the sitelist is not permitted

Re: Delete Redundant Cluster LIF

I tested technique described here: and it appears to work. YMMV. I would contact support to be sure as always when you have to use diag level commands …

Alternative is to unjoin node from cluster and join again using single port.