Delete SnapMirror Relationship

HI All

Hoping someone can help me release a snapmirror relationship.

Some background (was testing) I reversed a snapmirror sync from B to A within OnCommand then before the transfer completed I hit cancel. Now within Oncommand I see Transfer Failed but I cannot delete this as its greyed out. On the filer when I do a snapmirror status is see the following:

snapmirror status


Source                Destination           State          Lag        Status

BFAS01:V0L1    AFAS01:V0L1      Source         -            Idle

snapmirror status on destination shows no relationship.

I have tried snapmirror release, abort, break, off, on release all of which give different messages and do not clean up the event.

I need this cleared for cleanup purposes but cannot delete the volumes just yet.

Any help would be great.

Thank you

Re: Delete SnapMirror Relationship

Does the relationship still exist in the snapmirror.conf file?

Re: Delete SnapMirror Relationship

Thanks for your reply.

Please disregard its finally cleared. Ran release, abort, break a number of times and its now gone.

Thank you