Direct cross-connect between separate 6080's using 10G?

We don't have a 10G network yet, but I'd like to use the 10G cards we have in our 6080's to speed up snapmirror traffic between the arrays.

I have two 6080 clusters in close enough proximity to direct connect them.

Is this possible? Do I need to flip the fiber on one end (for cross-over)?

other than assigning private IP addresses at each end, is there anything else?

Re: Direct cross-connect between separate 6080's using 10G?

got an answer...

I’ve done this before – I didn’t have to flip the connections on the fiber, but you’ll want to double-check the cable to make sure the send side won’t be going into the send port on the other card.

I’d recommend giving a private IP to each port:





If you have more than one port on each system, then you can do a multipath snapmirror:



Also, boost the snapmirror window to the maximum size and enable jumbo frames on both sides:

connection1:vol filer2:vol wsize=14680064 * * * *   (max for 10GB link)

connection1:vol filer2:vol wsize=7340032 * * * *     (max for 1GB link)

ifconfig e0d mtusize 9000  (for snapmirror interface - on command line to change immediately, modify /etc/rc to make permanent)

We saw dramatic CPU cycle savings when enabling jumbo frames.