Disabling Dedup On An Exisiting Volume

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Currently running ONTAP and have a cifs volume which is currently at 4TB. Due to business reasons upgrading ONTAP is not an available option to us at this moment.  In order to allow for further growth on this volume we are looking at disabling dedup ( as it appears we're limited to a 4TB dedup limit ).

My question is this, and so far I have no been able to find a clear answer. In order to grow this volume and disabling cifs do i need to run a df -s and account for the space savings when growing the size of the volume past 4TB. In our case here we're seeing a dedup savings of about 2.2TB. Or does the volume's existing data stay deduped and new data written within the volume simply remain un-deduplicated?

Re: Disabling Dedup On An Exisiting Volume

Deduped data stays deduped until its changed.

for example, if you have a 10GB file that is deduped down to 1GB it'll stay like that, even with dedupe off, until the file is rewritten.

Re: Disabling Dedup On An Exisiting Volume

Assuming that rather than keeping the existing data dedup'd I want to log into priv set advanced and preform a sis undo on the volume, is this a disruptive process to clients reading/writing on the volume?