Disk rebuild times

Hi -  Does a disk rebuild (Normal or Rapid) also depends on the amount of data on the disk or aggregate. Or does the amount of data on the disk\aggregate doesn't effect the rebuild time?

Re: Disk rebuild times

I would not expect the amount of data to affect the rebuild time. Clients accessing the data can certainly have an effect.

-- Adam Fox

Re: Disk rebuild times

There is no fixed number of hours for reconstruction time. This on many factors such as disk type, disk size, system load, options set with raid.reconstruct.perf_impact, number of drives in a raid group, type of raid etc.

Re: Disk rebuild times

You can find estimated rebuild and rapid recovery in chapter 6 of TR-3838. But that is for idle systems.

My experience is that for heavily loaded systems rebuild times can easily be 2-3 times longer.