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Disk to disk backup

Hi all,

Is there my problem,

I have a fas2050 with to controller and active/active

On the 1st controller  i have 10 disk in raid DP and 5 volumes

On the 2 nd controller  i have 10 disk in raid DP and 5 volumes

There is just one agregat -> aggr0

I have connected a  Ds14 to each controllers.

And i have  create one aggr1 with 7 disk in raid Dp to the first controller and 7 disk in raid Dp for the second.

My question is  : can i perform a disk to disk back from the disk fas to the Ds14 and if i have a problem can i restore volume from the shelf to the disk fas ?

Can someone help me ?

Many thanks


Re: Disk to disk backup

nobody can help ?

Re: Disk to disk backup

Are you trying to do SnapMirror or SnapVault.

BTW what do you mean by DS14 ? Mirror or Vaulting between Volume within same controller or across controller is supported.



Re: Disk to disk backup

The DS14 is in addition to the 10-disk RAID-DP aggregate?

Regardless, yes you can use SnapVault or SnapMirror for disk-to-disk protection of your data assuming there is enough free space.

Re: Disk to disk backup


Thanks for the information :

I did a snap miror of the volume of the first aggr0 to  a second backup volume on aggr1 ( on the sata shelf).

I created a new datastore on vsphere and now i can brow all my datastore.

But there is a problem : now if i want to delete all the vm ont the first datastore can i have a recovery from the BK datastore ?

Is there a way to do it ? i ve tried to copy/paste folder on the primary datastore without any result...

Maybe i am wrong but if i want to paste my volume frome the Backup to the primary did i have to configure a new snapmirror ?

thanks a lot.

Re: Disk to disk backup

You may want to look into getting SnapManager for Virtual Infrastructures (SMVI). It has workflows to do exactly the sorts of things you're talking about.