Re: Do I need to also replicate snapinfo volume?

Hi Chris. Could you clarify? Flexclone or LunClone are the only things that I'm aware of that will clone either a volume or a lun. All snapdrive does is either create, connect, or manage luns. Unless it's a new feature of snapdrive, it doesn't clone..The only way I'm aware of to make a destination snapmirror writeable is to either break replication or use flexclone.

Could you point me to the doc that talks about snapdrive having the ability to connect and clone? It would certainly make things a lot easier in certain situations.


Re: Do I need to also replicate snapinfo volume?

This depends on your version of SnapDrive and OnTap...

SnapDrive 4.2.1 admin guide, page 201:

SnapDrive automates the process of meeting the requirements for connecting to a
destination volume. SnapDrive checks the SnapMirror state on the destination
volume holding the LUN. If the destination volume is an unbroken SnapMirror
destination, SnapDrive displays the exact actions necessary to complete a
connection to the destination volume. If you agree to proceed with the
connection, SnapDrive performs the following operations:
◆ If your storage system is running a version of Data ONTAP earlier than 7.1,
SnapDrive breaks the SnapMirror replication for the destination volume.
◆ In the case of an asynchronous SnapMirror relationship, SnapDrive performs
a Single File SnapRestore (SFSR) operation on the most recent Snapshot
copy containing a consistent image of the LUN.

SnapDrive 5.0.1 admin guide, page 195:

The following requirements must be satisfied before you can connect to a
destination volume:
◆ A CIFS share for the SnapMirror destination volume must exist.
◆ If you are using a version of Data ONTAP earlier than 7.1 on your storage
system, the SnapMirror destination volume must be in the “broken” state
before you can connect to a LUN in that volume.
SnapDrive supports the use of FlexClone volumes in Data ONTAP 7.1 or
later, which enables you to clone an independent volume from a parent
FlexVol volume so that the mirror can remain unbroken. For more
information, see “Connecting to LUN copies” on page 156.

Either way, a clone or a snapmirror break, SnapDrive will do this for you!

Re: Do I need to also replicate snapinfo volume?


If you look at tech article: you will see references discussing the replication of the SnapInfo directory. If you are using NTFS hard links the SnapInfo folder will be in the same LUN as he logs and follow the same replication schedule since SME uses Volume Snap Mirror to move the LUN's.

But as you can see looking at the article it is a good practice to replicate the SnapInfo directory as well.

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Re: Do I need to also replicate snapinfo volume?

Hi Chris

Just to clarify. Snapdrive supports the use of flexclones. It doesn't actually do the flexclone though - just connects to a flexcloned volume/lun.


Re: Do I need to also replicate snapinfo volume?

Hi Ian,

I don't mean to get into a pantomime style "oh no it doesn't", but SnapDrive does initiate a FlexClone for you. 4.2.1 doesn't but does support connecting to FlexClones. SD 5 and 6 do create a FlexClone for you, and will connect to it. If you don't have FlexClone and it's a SnapMirror destination, it will quiesce and break the relationship for you. I don't believe it will resync the relationship however as this often involves removing several snapshots.