Do renamed files/folders appear in the same timeline?


We are contemplaing about replacing our DAS systems (harddisks directly attached on Windows- and Linux-servers).

Due to the many different plattforms, there is no single backup/restore solutions implemented.

An important requirement is, to be abe to do "point in time recovery" of selected files/folders, even if they were renamed by a user on his workstation.

Probably this could be achieved by presenting a selected object in the same timeline (for restore purposes).


Is that possible with all NetApp boxes? With or without the help of additional backup/restore applications?

Thank's a lot for any feedback!



I am completely new to SAN/NAS-storage systems :-)

Re: Do renamed files/folders appear in the same timeline?

While you can get this on Windows using VSS, I wonder how can you even possibly achieve this on Linux (unless using something like LVM snapshots or similar).

On NetApp this depends on scope of atomicity. You get atomic snapshot of all data on a volume using NetApp snapshots. This presents you with data as existed at the time snapshot was created. I guess it is as close to you requirement as it can be.

If you need completely atomic snapshot across all data - I do not believe you ever had this before.