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Does NDMP Copy maintain deduplication?

I have a FAS3020 with a deduplicated volume that is 1.95TB and need to grow it passed the 2TB deduplication limit.  The only thing that I can do is run a sis undo but I don't have enough free space in the Volume to carry out this process.

Can I use NDMP to copy the dat ain the Volume to a new Volume on the same Filer that is 2.5TB in order to accomodate the sis undo or will it still see that the Volume is a sis volume and not allow me to copy the data to a Volume over 2TB?

I don't have the option of removing data from the Volume to free up the space due to the type of data stored (a document management datastore so any data could be referenced at any time).



Re: Does NDMP Copy maintain deduplication?

NDMPcopy un-deduplicates the data since it works on file level. QSM and SnapVault won't work either.

The only things that keep data deduplicated are VSM and vol copy. Oh, and SM2T but I don't think that'll help you either