EVT logs - How do I delete them?


The majority of our workloads are run on Vfilers,  we have enabled CIFS auditing on the Vfilers, however, we also had it enabled on the PFiler and have just received our first warning of the volume filling up due to these EVT logs.

I have turned off cifs auditing on the Pfiler but am keen to remove the evt logs from the ETC directory on the PFiler - when I attempt to delete I get "access is denied".  I have created a cifs share to this location and granted me full control but

still dont have the ability to remove.

Can someone advise?


EVT logs - How do I delete them?

Got the answer....the PFiler controllers vol0 qtree security was UNIX (by default) by changing the:

"qtree security /vol/vol0 ntfs"

enabled me to then go and delete the EVT logs with the correct permissions - Gordy Hawes (NetApp) answered my query