Edge Space Limit

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Hi all,


Is there a total Limit of 2TB diskspace to the eval edge appliance ?


I have tried to allocate 3 x 1 TB disks and get an error .



Re: Edge Space Limit

The data sheet I saw listed 5TB. But still need to install in our lab to test it.

Re: Edge Space Limit

The Data ONTAP Edge Evaluation ( has a raw capacity limit of 2TB.  This means that if you assign more than 2TB of storage to the VM, it will not boot.  The usable amount of storage on the eval will be some amount less than 2TB.

The Data ONTAP Edge product ( is listed on the data sheet with 5TB of usable storage.  There is a software enforced capacity limit which kicks in at 10TB of assigned storage to the VM.

Re: Edge Space Limit

Thank you... got it... for the eval.  I still need to install it.