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End user quota


I have a customer on a vfiler on my system.

I have provisioned a share from Provision Manager on 1TB.

They now want to create a quota limit on folders that resides on that share.

For example I have created this share:


Customer then adds a couple of folders to that share and creates a share in thier AD on one folder.




How to make quota on the subfolders that is created on share group1$ and group2$, is it even possible.

Could I do it from Windows File Server Resource Manager or any other way?

Re: End user quota


NetApp Quotas are based on a Volume or qtree. You can configured the Quotas on a tree, user or group level.

For more informations on NetApp Quotas, please read the following Tech Report.

btw. No you cannot manage it with the "Widows File Server Resource Manager", you have to manage it trough CLI, Powershell or edit the Quota file in the etc. directory of the VFiler.



Re: End user quota


You can manage the quotas on vFilers over OnCommand.

Unfortunately OnCommand allows you to just change existing quotas, for adding new quotas you have to change the quota file on the vFiler.



Re: End user quota

So if I understand the Tech Report right I can set the quota level on /vol/vfiler/share$/ in my case.

The following will give user "adam" 700m quota with alert level at 500m

adam     user@/vol/vfiler/share$/ 700m - 500m -

that much I got.

But will it inherit that quota down to the subfolders?

So if "adam" creates files on "vol/vfiler/share$/All_users/group1$/subfolder" it will still have the same quota limit?

Sorry for these n00b questions :-)

Re: End user quota


As I know you cannot set quotas on shares, this is only possible on volumes or qtrees.

To add a default quota for all users on a volume called userhomes:

* user@/vol/userhomes 102400K - - 81920K -

To add a quota to the user adam:

adam user@/vol/userhomes 307200K - - 286720K -

Check also the "MultiStore Management Guide" for vFilers (sorry I actually don't have the link)



Re: End user quota

Thanks mate..

Well I know now why the customer can´t get it to work.

I have set it up as mentioned by you and the document.

But, the problem is that they don´t want it on a user or group level.

So /vol/vfiler/share$/All_users/group1$/subfolder, subfolder2, subfolder3 etc should all have 500MB each, undependant on which user´s logged on.

Re: End user quota

Then you have to work with qtrees like

/vol/group/subfolder1 (qtree = subfolder1)

/vol/group/subfolder2 (qtree = subfolder2)

/vol/group/subfolder3 (qtree = subfolder3)

Now you can attach a quotas on each qtree. Qtree quotas are undependant on which user's logged on.

Re: End user quota

Yes, it seems to be the only way.

But it will not work for my customer as they are running on a vFiler.

As the vFiler is the volume, the qtree will be the shared folder, and they want to set up the other shares within the "main share" if you know what I mean.

/vol/vfiler/share$/vol/vfiler/share$/groups/"sube_share$"  <--  they don´t want this this "sub_share" as a separate qtree because it will be to many qtree to manage.

But I´ll try to get them to set it up on user level in stead.


Re: End user quota


What do you mean by Manage a qtree? Normaly a qtree do not have to be managed after it is created. If you want to limit each qtree to the same size, you just have to set a default tree quota on the volume level.

Powershell Command to create default tree quota on a Volume:

Connect-NaController VFILERNAME -cred "USERNAME"

Add-NaQuota tree * -Volume VOLUMENAME -DiskLimit SIZE (g=GB,m=MB,k=KB,t=TB)

Enable-NaVolQuota VOLUMENAME


Add-NaQuota tree * -Volume vol1 -Disklimit 500g

With that, each Qtree under vol1 will have 500GB Space Hardlimit.

If you have some qtree's with more space needed, add a new entry for that specific qtree.

Add-NaQuota tree QTREENAME -Volume vol1 -Disklimit 1t



Re: End user quota

Ok, bad formulated from my side :-)

It´s just that we use Provisioning Manager to create shares in vFilers.

If we where to set up the users environment as mentioned I would have to create 500+ shares in PM.

Now we just created one "big share" in PM, then the user will copy his present folder structure to that share.

Thanks for your respons, I´m having a dialog with the responsible team now to se if we could get a workaround