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Ensuring STIG Settings are in Effect

Greetings All,


We are currently ensuring that our STIGs for all servers are in place and I have two areas that I cannot find a resolution for.  They are:


1.  The maximum number of concurrent sessions - Will need to know if there is a setting to set for a maximum number of users to access the NetApp filers at the same time.


2.  The ability for the system to lockout after 15 minutes if idleness. - Like the WIN10 OS, the system will lock after 15 minutes of idleness, is there a setting for the NetApp filers to also have this capability.


I have found the one's for the log-on banner and the one for three unsussessful log-on attempts, so I am good here.


Any and all help is greatly appreciated.




Re: Ensuring STIG Settings are in Effect


What ever became of this? I'm in the same boat as you and I'm looking for the same type of information. What documentation did you start this process from? I still haven't found STIG to start from.





Re: Ensuring STIG Settings are in Effect

We have a requirement to STIG hardend our environment as well. NetApp provided us a draft version of their Military Hardening Guide for OnTap. We applied via manual hardening based on the recommended settings and was able to pass security.