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EoL for Brocade VFM

Hi All,

I have one query regarding Brocade VFM which are using along with our NetApp filers.

We are using VFM for below activities:

  • Creation of Global Name Space for CIFS shares.
  • Integrating Secondary CIFS shares in the Name Space.
  • Policy based Archival depending on either the data is access or not modified for certain period of time.
  • Report generation on data usage for any QTREE or folder.
  • Migration of data across locations for a share or specific folder.
  • Policy based replication of a QTREE or folder.
  • Also, we can manage snapshots and SnapMirror from VFM console which comes handy when we have to do some change on all the boxes.

Want to know if anyone using VFM has migrated to any other tool. If yes, then how seamless is it.


Re: EoL for Brocade VFM

Did you ever come up w/ a solution?  It seems NetApp hasn't answered any of these posts about this product and they haven't replaced it w/ something else?