Error CLSID snapmanager

Hello, I have a error with Snapmanager for SQL 5.0 in Windows 2008 R2

An error occurred while enumerating server instances.
Details:Retrieving the COM class factory for component with
CLSID {8765438...} failed due to the following error: 80040154.

I followed the KB NetApp 55710. id = kb55710
So I repaired snapmanger but without success.
Have you any idea?


Re: Error CLSID snapmanager

After more reading, I think it is impossible to install the console by SnapMirror other than an SQL server. Unless I am mistaken?

Re: Error CLSID snapmanager

1. Make sure SQL Server 2005 backward compatibility components was installed.

2. Make sure the following VB script can be run correctly. If no, resolve the script issue first with MSFT (you should get same error as SMSQL):

'script starts here…

Set oServer = CreateObject("SQLDMO.SQLServer2")

Set InstanceList = oServer.ListInstalledInstances

wscript.echo "Total installed instances : " & InstanceList.Count

wscript.echo "========================================="

For i=1 To InstanceList.Count               

            wscript.echo InstanceList.Item(i)


Set app = oServer.Application

set serverlist = app.ListAvailableSQLServers

wscript.echo "Total instances on network : " & serverlist.Count

wscript.echo "========================================="

For i=1 To serverlist.Count     

            wscript.echo serverlist.Item(i)


'script ends here

Re: Error CLSID snapmanager

Good evening
I reinstalled my entire server because I had lots of problems. I reinstalled on my SMVI vCenter