Error Messages in Operations Manager

Hello team,

can someone give me some details about attached error-messages.

I do not really know what they wanna tell me. ;-)

Enclosure Failure and Enclosure Failure Controller2: belong to one Shelf or are these several and independent ones?

Overcommitted: How can this be if there are only fullprovisioned Volumes and LUNs in this aggr. No Thin Provisioning enabled/used.
Does this refer to deduplication?

Thanks for your support.

Kind Regards, Michael

Error Messages in Operations Manager

Not sure about your shelf failures, but aggregate overcommit warnings can also be triggered by volume autosizing (auto-grow)...

Error Messages in Operations Manager

Thanks for the hint.

This will match with the configuration of my customer.

Good to know! :-)


Re: Error Messages in Operations Manager


The first two means some component of a disk shelf (i.e. enclosure, fan, power supply) has failed on your controller.  In a nutshell, call Technical Support as soon as possible to get this issue resolved.

The last event has to do with thin provisioning.  It means you've given-out or "committed" more space than you physically have available in the aggregate. You've committed 22.6 TB out of a 12.9 TB aggregate, so you're over-committed.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but you need to decide how comfortable you are with thin provisioning and at what level of over-commitment you want to stop at.