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Error while initiating node halt

Hello, do pardon me if I'm not expressively clear with my situation. Quite new to NetApp and the Powershell CLI.


So I was trying to initiate shutdown of my FAS2750 storage, I initiated the command "Stop-NcNode -Name *". However, I face with this error attached per photo. Not too sure what went wrong, I did read through the cmdlet help, seems like hitting dead end too.


I'm using the latest Powershell Toolkit 9.7.1. 


Any solution or help is greatly appreciated!


Re: Error while initiating node halt

hi @dcabs 

I believe the CMDlet is passing an option to ONTAP which is not clearly understood.

What version of ONTAP are you trying this on? You can check it by running Get-NcClusterImage

I have tested this with toolkit 9.7 and an ONTAP 9.5 I have here and I'm seeing your same behavior.


Re: Error while initiating node halt

Unfortunately, I will be out of office till next week.

If my memory serves me right, it's currently on 9.5P1.

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