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Exchange 2007 LCR question

I'm planning to put my Exchange 2007 databases on a FAS2040 HA pair (DBs on one head, logs on the other) and implement SME + SMBR for snapshots and restores. However, I also want to have a copy of my data on separate storage, and I don't have a tape library to attach to the FAS2040 to run offline backups. I do have an older server with a bunch of internal HDDs, and I can put iSCSI target on it, export LUNs, and use those LUNs to storage secondary LCR copies. In fact, that's what I'm doing right now - primary copy is on primary storage, LCR copy is on secondary storage.

My question is, will SME handle this configuration (of course I'm not going to try to use it to take snapshots on secondary storage, just on the primary FAS2040), or does it require that all database copies, including LCR targets, reside on NetApp storage that it can control?


Exchange 2007 LCR question

I don't see why SME would need NetApp storage across all nodes as it won't be talking to them at the storage level. I think for LCR integration it just synchronises the logs so that they are shipped in a consistent state, so there's no real requirement on the destination storage.