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Exchange LUN offline


We are using SnapManager for Exchange for our Exchange mailbox´s. Every night I get following error, and get it for each lun sg01-sg08 (Exchange database). I get it when the snapmanager takes the snapshot, but why?

dfm: Warning event on faspri01:/sdw_cl_iscsi01_0/sg07/sg07 (LUN Offline)

A Warning event at 20 Mar 23:54 W. Europe Standard Time
on Lun Path sdw_cl_iscsi01_0/sg07/sg07 on Active/Active Controller

LUN Offline.

LUN offline




Re: Exchange LUN offline

Hi Tobias,

Do you do verification of your SnapManager for Exchange backups?

The sdw_cl_ prefix in the volume name indicates this is a SnapDrive Clone volume. I'd say SME is taking your backup snapshots then creating a flexclone to mount to a server for verification. Once verified the job will offline and destroy the flexclone, which generates the messages you are seeing in DFM. They can be safely ignored.



Exchange LUN offline

Thanks, i use verification. It sesams like the problem is soloved. Rgds Tobias

Re: Exchange LUN offline

hi tobias

can you explain how did you verify them

Re: Exchange LUN offline

Hi Vijay

The sdw_cl lun path is a clone of the original LUN wich snapmanger will do an verification on.


Re: Exchange LUN offline

if i do not have snapmanager installed on my host how can we verify that clone

Re: Exchange LUN offline

Have you done à manuell clone of the LUN?

Re: Exchange LUN offline

no... we do not do any clones on the LUN level.

Re: Exchange LUN offline

When I got the following error message "
dfm: Warning event on faspri01:/sdw_cl_iscsi01_0/sg07/sg07 (LUN Offline)" it was associated with my Exchange backups. When using SnapManager for Exchange, you can choose SME to create a copy of the LUN and verify it.


Re: Exchange LUN offline

I know this is an old discussion, but I was wondering if you were able to filter out the warnings from DFM regarding the sdw_cl* volumes and LUNs ?

It's a bit fustrating to recieve a warning email each time your servers are taking a backup/verify  (it happens on both SMSQL and SME)...

So is there somewhere inside DFM where you can have it ignore any specific volumes, or maybe just clones all together?

Kind regards,

Heino Walther